Climbing that corporate ladder? Ensure you're doing so looking your best, in particular, in the shoe department. For as they say, "you can tell a lot about a man by the shoes he wears."

Below are our top five picks for shoes to wear to the office (and beyond).

Dress Shoe


When it comes to choosing a shoe that accommodates for formal occasions, you can always rely on the classic Oxford dress shoe. The Oxford lace-up is an essential shoe that should reside in every man's shoe collection. Crafted by the Brits, the Oxford is all about business and elegance. An assured Oxford such as Aquila's Elsom Black, is crafted in Italy from supple leather, and makes the perfect black Oxford for a range of occasions.


The Derby dress shoe is the most popular and readily-available dress shoe on the market, and the perfect staple for daily work wear.

The key style difference between the Oxford and Derby shoe is the eyelet; Oxfords have the eyelet tabs stitched beneath the vamp, whereas Derby's have them stitched over the top. Oxfords tend to feature a sleeker, more formal profile whereas Derbys are perfect for everyday wear. Try the Hillman Brown


The timeless Brogue is a perfect alternative to the classic dress shoe. The Brogue is unmistakable with its perforated wingtip detailing and thicker, wider silhouette. Season in and season out, the Brogue tends to get an update from designers to ensure it remains relevant in the corporate wardrobe. The AW18 collection of Brogues can be found Here.


Less commonly found but always a sophisticated and stylish option, the Monkstrap shoe resides at the elegant end of business footwear (yet, still office-friendly). The Monkstrap (double is of preference) is a confident style that can effectively compliment ones outfit, be it suiting or smart-casual wear.

Aquila's Russell Black and Russell Brown are the perfect Double Monkstrap for your office shoe collection. Crafted from a rich, grained European leather, the Russell will pair effortlessly with a range of options.

Chelsea Boots

Boots, in particular Chelsea boots, have seen a massive resurgence in the past few years. As such, they have become a great alternative to the formal dress shoe for the office. Styling your look with a boot instead of a shoe can add a confident masculine edge. Compliment your outfit with a pair of sleek, neutral Chelsea boots such as the Wolfson or Grimley.

The added bonus is that the trusted Chelsea boot is a fantastic option for the weekend, also, with most men's boots are versatile enough to be dressed down for smart-casual affairs.


You may be wondering why Sneakers have been added to list, but rest assured, we can explain. Sneakers have warmly been welcomed into the Friday mix amongst work places as the go-to to compliment 'casual Friday' attire.

In 2018, a good quality leather white sneaker is ever-so relevant in a man's wardrobe. The white sneaker, such as the Aguirre, can be dressed up with a suit or down with denim jeans or chinos. It's a sleek shoe that will win you over in the style department.