The stylish desert boot has, for years, been a fashionable go-to for some of the world's leading style icons. Unbeknown to many but the desert boot has in fact been around for over six decades.

Nathan Clark of the Clarks family originally designed the desert boot after returning from Burma where he was posted with the West African Brigade. The desert boot then journeyed through the next few decades stretching through Beatnik culture, popping up in the Mod Revival era and finally settling as the true Retro Mod Classic it is today.

Steve McQueen

The desert boot has a classic design, a beautiful shape and is extremely comfortable. Most importantly, the desert boot is practical and the fact that it can be worn with almost any outfit through all seasons cements it as an all-purpose wardrobe staple.

Colour is a very personal choice and depends on a man’s personality and existing wardrobe. Because the desert boot is such a durable, versatile and stylish shoe, it would be silly not to own a couple of different styles among your shoe collection.

Try brown, black, charcoal and tan - muted colours for everyday wear.

Desert Boots + Chinos

The low to mid-cut of the desert boot makes it a perfect match for a pair of rolled chinos. Try the original chino or the slim cut. Lose the socks in summer or keep it for winter. If you do decide to keep the socks, make sure some thought has been put into the specific pair of socks you choose – they will be visible.

Desert Boots + Jeans

We couldn’t call the desert boot versatile if it didn’t work with jeans. Complement the boots with a pair of slim, tailored jeans. For a more dressed up look, go with a dark coloured jean and a well-fitting shirt.

For those who think desert boots are for prepsters only, the stylish man below works it well, layered with a tee, hoodie and leather jacket.

Desert Boots + Shorts

Denim shorts, tailored dress shorts, casual shorts. Pairing a pair of desert boots with shorts isn’t a common thought but it works! It adds a hint of formality to the outfit without going overboard. Once again, to sock or not to sock? The choice is yours.

Desert Boots + Suits

There’s a rule amongst style enthusiasts that the desert boot cannot be worn with a suit. With the exception of a black-tie event or formal occasion, we couldn’t disagree more. Although the suit is formal and deserts boots casual, they tone down the formality of the suit.

The desert boot's simple and timeless design, plus the sheer fact that it has been around for over six decades, is testament to the fact that it is above fast trends; this boot is very much here to stay.

If you plan on purchasing a new pair of desert boots or already own a pair, we cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining and caring for your boots. You can find our range of shoe care products HERE.