During those limbo months (where the weather is neither warm nor ice cold) you'll find yourself needing an outer layer that isn't going to suffocate you, nor leave you out to freeze.

An Anorak jacket, such as the Hale Dark Navy Anorak, is the perfect piece to meet the above requirements, whilst looking stylish.

Invented by the Caribou Inuit - hunters of the Keewatin Region - the Anorak garment was used for hunting and kayaking in the icy-cold Arctic conditions. Today, the Anorak is a stylish, versatile staple that can be dressed up or down for a range of occasions.

Creating a modern Anorak for the Aquila man, we've taken the traditional detailing of the Anorak and turning it into an urban jacket for a range of adventures and occasions. Here's how to wear your Anorak jacket:


The Anorak is the perfect outerwear piece for the daily work commute. With water resistant properties, you'll be sure to keep your suit dry whilst you make the trek from station to office.

For a classic look, remove the detachable hood and pair with your best suit and dress shoes. The Hale Black Anorak, for example, is cut for a relaxed fit giving you plenty of room to wear on top of your outfits.


An ideal weekend staple, the Anorak jacket is not too formal nor too casual, making it the perfect accompaniment for wherever you go.

Team the Hale Anorak over a knit with tailored denim jeans and finish with a pair of casual leather sneakers, such as the Aguirres; great for outdoor events or for when you need a bit of coverage running weekend errands.


For that all special date night, ensure you look your best with an outfit that shows that you're well put together and stylish, but that you haven't over-thought your look (effortless charm, gents).

Remove the hood of your Anorak and team over tailored pants, with a stylish knit such as the Wythe White Knit, and finish with a staple boot; the Grimley TD Moro