sneakers with suits - aquila

Guys about town are sporting sneakers with everything (and anything) more than ever. Though previously considered sartorial sacrilege, suits worn with sneakers are definitely having a moment in the style spotlight. Want to give trainers and tailoring a go? There are just a few rules to stick by:

Choose Classic Sneakers

Yes, you could wear your sharp two-piece suit with a pair of classic monk-straps, brogues or Oxfords on the daily. But sneakers add that certain edge to an outfit that hasn't been seen before. Avoid performance-focused styles and choose a pair of classic, sleek kicks. They look good with fitted trousers and a strong, structured suit.

For example, the Aguirre Sneaker in White and Navy is a great option.

Not Just for the Weekend

Sneakers with suits are a perfectly acceptable Monday-Friday uniform if you happen to work in a creative workplace. If you want to retain some of the finesse of a formal shoe, choose formal leather sneakers, which appear refined and contemporary when worn with an understated shirt and tie.

For example, the Renton in Bordo and Black is a great option.

When Flying Business

Structured suits and sneakers travel well, especially when paired with a crisp collared shirt. The combo will have you looking luxe during layover and dressed the part as you rush from airport to client appointment without a moment to check into your hotel.

For example, the Dotson will pair effortlessly with your travel attire.

Don't Just Stick to Black

A deep navy, Burgundy or blue suit can prove a greta alternative to your standard navy, black and charcoal suits. Mixed with a fresh pair of white (or off-white) sneakers, you'll look on-trend, stylish and in the know.

For example, the Ewing White is a stylish, comfortable and high0quality leather off-white sneaker perfect for the suiting options we mentioned above.

Wear with Confidence

The trick to nailing this look is to wear your outfits with confidence. Look as if you meant to style your suit with your sneakers, (which you did), rather than coming across as an afterthought. Thanks to the style icons of Hollywood and beyond, donning the sneaker/suit look has never been more easy (and acceptable).