As we truly enter the heart of the spring/summer season, with it comes the highly anticipated Spring Racing Carnival; a period of Spring-time frolicking that...

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01 October 2018

With the casualization of the workforce in full swing, there is no longer a need for two shoe collections; those you wear to work, and those you wear on the...

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02 August 2018

During those limbo months (where the weather is neither warm nor ice cold) you'll find yourself needing an outer layer that isn't going to suffocate you, nor...

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16 July 2018

It's well known that the Italian community in Melbourne is quite prominent. With an influx of Italians migrating in the 1950's onwards (including our very own...

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03 July 2018

For decades, Formula One drivers have reigned as stylish, charming, thrill seekers testing the boundary of what is humanely possible with a single, modified...

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21 March 2018

Originally known as a ‘Paddock Boot’, the durable Chelsea Boot was mainly used for hunting and horse-riding purposes (a favourite style of Queen Elizabeth...

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13 March 2018

Melbourne might be hailed the world’s most liveable city, but it’s sometimes nice to escape the bright lights and hustle and bustle of the big smoke for a...

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28 February 2018

Ladies Day is on the horizon, and there is no better time to stand-out in bold checks at the track. Whether you opt to start small with a classic check shirt...

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26 October 2017

While the main event of the Melbourne Cup is a nation-stopping horse race, of equal importance is what you choose to wear on the day. A winning look always...

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19 October 2017

Derby Day at Flemington can be both the easiest and most difficult day to dress for. While the strict black and white dress code narrows the field of options...

Occasional Tips and Advice

19 October 2017

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