When first impressions are paramount, it's important you nail the initial meeting with an outfit that is to be remembered (for all the right reasons).

We'll take you through a quick guide as to the key features to factor in when trying to impress future clients.


Meeting your future clients in person is a totally different ball game compared to the impressive email thread you have developed thus far. To make a lasting impression, get the top and bottom half of your outfit right.

On top, opt for a casual blazer with subtle details. This will set the tone that you have style but you don't take yourself too serious. Pair the casual blazer with a casual, buttoned-down shirt and depending on the circumstances of your meeting and the type of work you do, a tie may or may not be appropriate.

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For the bottom half, go with a pair of tailored pants. Adding a 3-4cm cuff to your pants adds a nice sartorial touch, also. Keep it neutral on the bottom, as your blazer will have a subtle pattern running through it.

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It's important to finish your outfit with the right pair of shoes; for they say you can tell a lot about a man by the shoes he wears. To piece together this look, opt for a pair of sleek leather Brogues. Not only do they look great, but they are extremely versatile in wear; perfectly suitable for a work meeting or a weekend dinner party.

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Alternatively, if you plan on donning a suit getup, a pair of tailored derby dress shoes is a fantastic option. Not only appropriate for 9 to 5, derby lace ups can we worn effectively with tailored pants and a fine knit. Available in a range of colours, we recommend a brown or black pair of dress shoes which will be easy to match with pieces in your wardrobe.

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Often considered an after-thought, accessorising plays its part in tying together your whole outfit. It might be in the way of a pocket square or a briefcase; even a laptop sleeve is an effective piece to put together your look.

For something a little more casual, a grained leather backpack could be a great addition to your styling repertoire, such as the Montoro Backpack.

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