Building a stylish, versatile wardrobe for everyday wear can be an arduous task at the best of times, even for the most fashion-savvy individuals. It involves time, patience, effort (and money), with a knack of knowing what works and what doesn’t, and when to ditch certain items that are long past their expiry date.

Fear not, as you are not alone in this task that many men just don’t seem to get right. Lucky for you, we have curated a list of wardrobe essentials that every man should own, lending a helping hand in curating your own wardrobe of versatile styling options for daily, weekend and occasional wear.

01. SUIT

If you didn't hear it from us, you definitely would have heard it from your father or grandfather; “every man should own his own tailored suit.” So, rule out the idea of a hired suit for that event you have coming up. Owning your own suit is a necessity, as there will be more than one occasion in a man’s life where he will need to suit up.

When shopping for your suit, keep these three factors in mind:

• Size

• Fit

• Composition

All too often will you find that men are either in a suit that’s too big or too small for their frame. Speak with one of the Aquila stylists in-store and ensure you are sized-up correctly. The jacket should fit perfectly on the shoulders, with a snug, tailored taper throughout the body.

Our suits are constructed with 100% merino wool, which will not only help regulate your body temperature, but as a natural fibre, it will remain durable and comfortable to wear.

Try this: Daniel Navy Blazer; Daniel Navy Pant


You wear your shoes every day, so why not ensure that they are not only stylish, but of the best quality; as they say, you can tell a lot about a man by the shoe he wears. As a rule of thumb, invest in an Italian-made, Blake-stitch constructed dress shoe. This will be your go-to for any formal events, but can also be worn daily with a suit to work.

Next, ensure you have a smart-casual leather Chelsea boot that can be worn both casually and formally. You will find a brown Chelsea boot will pair effortlessly with most of your outfits.

For all your casual ventures, purchase a crisp white leather sneaker. They will go with practically anything in your wardrobe, including a suit.

Try this: Elsom Black; Grimley Sigaro; Carter White


One of those items that you will get constant wear from, a good pair of denim jeans will last you a lifetime, if cared for properly.

Invest in quality denim with a hue that you can match with a range of outfits you put together; dark denim works with almost anything, both casually and formally!

If you can avoid it, don’t wash your denim jeans for a good 6-8 months. This will give the denim time to mould to your body and develop its own colour and character. Washing your jeans constantly can ruin the dyeing agent of the garment, altering its appearance in the long run.

Try this: Sutton Jean

04. COAT

Keep warm during the winter months with a stylish coat. The perfect versatile piece, go a size up so you can wear over your suit, jackets or anything in between.

Keep your coat colour neutral and plain, and opt for a wool fabric for extra warmth and breathability.

Try this: Ossington Dark Navy Coat; Ossington Black Coat


Do as the style icons of the past have done and invest in a leather jacket. Practical, stylish and cool, a leather jacket can be worn at any time of the year. Pair with a t-shirt for a rugged look, or over a knit or shirt for smart-casual occasions.

Ensure your leather jacket is made from quality leather, and try before you buy; an ill-fitted leather jacket won’t do you any favours.

Try this: Logan Navy Leather Jacket