Winter has arrived and it’s time to step up your winter wardrobe.

Confused about what to wear this winter or just plain un-inspired? Don’t be, we’ve got you covered. Just because the weather’s dull, doesn’t mean your winter wardrobe has to be. It also doesn’t mean you need to spend big dollars to keep your winter style looking fresh.

The colder it is, the more layers you need, which means there’s more opportunity to ensure an outfit is on point.

Aquila stylists are here to help, nominating their top three winter styling tips and product essentials to help you avoid the winter blues. You only need a few items to see you through.

1. Invest in a Winter Coat

This might sound obvious, but a winter coat is probably the most important piece to get you through winter. Make sure you consider a few things when trying to find the one – is it smart enough to layer with a suit? Can it be dressed-down for weekend attire? Will the colour be easily matched with the majority of my wardrobe? Try the Aquila Lexington or Ossington.

2. Don’t Neglect Your Middle Layer

The best thing about winter fashion is the ability to get creative with your layering. For the middle layer, opt for a timeless knit jumper for a smart-causal look. The knit is a versatile styling option, which can be worn during the work week or paired back over jeans on the weekend. Use your middle layers to add colour, contrast and texture. Aquila has a range of winter Knitwear.

3. Accessories – Less is More

When it comes to winter accessories, less is always more. Get the full impact from your winter accessories by focusing on fabric texture rather than bold colour combinations. Don’t be afraid to combine wool coats and cotton blazers with denim ties and silk scarves or pocket squares. Also, try to have just the one accessory to avoid going too OTT. Aquila has a range of Accessories perfect for combating those winter blues.