For some people, gift-giving is an enjoyable process but for the majority of us, it can be a tedious and stressful thing. In Sheldon’s world, it’s an obligation, which constitutes as a nightmare. With December being a high volume gift-giving time, it’s easy to be consumed by it all, and forget the main purpose of giving gifts – to bring a sense of joy to both the giver and receiver.

Here are some simple tips to ensure the process is enjoyable for both parties:

Observe and do your homework

If you spend a bit of time with that person, be observant as to what his/her favourite items are, or if there’s anything they need. Recall conversations about things they like and dislike. With the convenience and ease of social media, it’s now possible to find the answers without even having a conversation with that person, so no excuses! Don’t forget, you can ask someone who’s close to the receiver as well.

Know the true purpose of the gift

How well will this gift express your feelings for this person, based on the type of relationship you have? Work out how much you really care for the receiver and as such, how much time, energy and money you’re willing to spend on selecting the gift and the gift itself.

Focus on the receiver

When searching for the perfect gift, focus on purchasing something they like, rather than what you like. For instance, if you’re buying your father a pair of shoes, don’t buy that salmon suede loafer for him if you know it’s not his style (and you’re hoping you can borrow it whenever you want). Go for something that is more his style, that way, you’ll know he’ll actually wear it!

Gift cards can be more thoughtful than cash

In the past, gifting cash wasn’t the ‘done’ thing as it signified laziness and thoughtlessness. However, nowadays, it’s really common. Why gift something that may be deemed useless when you can gift cash and the receiver can buy something they’d actually like? That is true, but gift cards can often make a stronger impression. If you know there’s something in particular they’re into, such as music, then gifting an iTunes gift card makes sense, and in our case, if you know that your loved one is a collector of quality men’s footwear or in dire need of some new business shoes, then an Aquila Gift Card would make for a perfect present.

Less focus on the price value

There isn’t a correlation between the price value of the gift and how much that person means to you. Gift-givers often focus on how much they spend and can forget about putting any thought into it.

Wrap your gifts

If you’re going to give a gift, do it properly! Take the time to wrap it nicely. You certainly spent the time; effort and money in finding the gift so don’t let laziness ruin the whole gift.

We hope you’ll find strength in the tips above. Don’t let gift-giving stress you out – it is supposed to be an enjoyable process after all.

If you’re still stuck and need gift inspiration, check out our carefully curated Christmas gift guide for the stylish man here.

Happy gifting!


If you have any other tips on gift-giving, please leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.