The modern man can only be defined by his achievements and the ability to influence others with actions. We are proud to introduce the ‘Aquila S/S13 Season Ambassador Series’. Its sole purpose is to showcase a selection of successful and stylish modern men who have been carefully aligned to represent the Aquila brand on a seasonal basis.

A person who inspires us at Aquila is the founder of MOR Cosmetics Mr. Deon St.Mor – Entrepreneur, Globe Trotter and Style Icon. Mr. St.Mor has been appointed to represent the Aquila brand for our S/S13 season. He has had admirable accomplishments to date and is the total embodiment of the Aquila brand – a free spirited modern man.

The Latin poet Virgil is quoted as saying, ‘Fortune favors the brave.’ So true is this statement when it comes to Mr. St.Mor. He is an energetic, stylish first class citizen with the braveness to live life on his own terms. Mr. St.Mor is a passionate and motivated individual who is constantly inspired. Whether it’s running his own business, travelling or curating his style, Mr. St.Mor pours his all into everything he does.

“I love travelling the globe for business and pleasure. There are so many favourite spots like Lake Como in Italy where I can totally relax, Japan for its incredible design inspiration and Brazil for the vibrant energy portrayed by its locals. But the most fun I have is letting my hair down and riding motorcycles with my friends through Hawaii or Vietnam,” says Mr. St.Mor.

Upon reflection, Mr. St.Mor has only ever worked for himself. At university he studied Industrial Design then started his own business. “My first company was a multi-disciplinary design practice, my second company was a homewares brand and now I live and breathe MOR Cosmetics,” says Mr. St.Mor.

MOR is proudly Australian and recognised globally for its collection of pampering body care and lifestyle products. “I met Dianna Burges who, like myself, had a passion for design and all things beautiful. It wasn’t long before we fell in love with the idea of creating a luxurious bath and body brand, which then resulted in the birth of the MOR brand. It was literally through experimentation and a growing love for what we refer to as ‘modern apothecary,’ a blend of age old and contemporary ingredients to create a personalised sensory journey. This approach ultimately defines the MOR brand,” says Mr. St.Mor.

Mr. St.Mor’s personal style is influenced by his travels and integrated into the fabric of his lifestyle, home and fashion. As he explains, “I do not have a particular look, but if I had to sum it all up in one word, it would be ‘eclectic.’ Mr. St.Mor wears Islington navy suit, Fiero pinstripe shirt, Aric navy tie and Stark Tan footwear. Mr. St.Mor also wears, Calder knit polo in navy, Albert chinos in camel colour, Dent reversible belt, Wallace shirt and signature 1958 Weave footwear. You can BUY the latest S/S13 range as worn by Mr. St.Mor from Aquila today.

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