A clean, sharp, directional shoe speaks volumes about who you are and how you approach dressing. We dress from the feet up, choosing footwear that will elevate our overall look. The only thing that detracts from this is if your shoes are grubby. Shoes last longer when you care for them, so it’s in your best interest (and your wardrobe’s), that you abide by these practical points … Clean, shine, protect and treat so you always have the best shoes in the room.



Wipe before wearing. Use a soft cloth to wipe your leather shoes prior to leaving the house. Dust and light debris can collect in the creases, wearing your shoes down as you walk. If the dirt’s more ingrained, use a conditioning substance such as saddle soap. Used carefully, this will remove any excess wax from previous polishes without damaging the original leather.

Protect the colour with polish. If you’re polishing burnished leather – that is, shoes that have two tones rather than one – match the polish to the lightest colour of the shoe, rather than the toe. Alternatively, neutral coloured polishes are also an option.



If your shoes are suede, give them a spritz of silicon-based water-and stain-protector spray before you take them for a spin on the pavement.

You should also brush up the nap (the fuzzy fabric surface) with a suede brush after each use, removing any excess dirt that may have accumulated throughout the day.

If you do accidently get them wet, dab away the moisture with a clean towel and allow them to dry naturally overnight.



Keep your shoes in pristine condition with shoe trees. This helps to iron out creases and maintain the original contours of the shoe. The cedar wood also absorbs moisture that the shoe absorbs during the day.

Always rotate your shoe wardrobe. Avoid wearing the same pair two days in a row, allowing shoes to dry out completely between wears. This prolongs the life of your shoes and gives you an excuse to buy more of them!

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