Caring for mens suede shoes

In 2018, suede has become a prominent fixture amongst the sartorial footwear scene. As such, caring for your suede shoes (or any shoe, for that matter) is a pivotal chore we must all do.

The process of cleaning suede is easier than leather but requires a little more frequency and effort, simply because of the delicate nature of the material and its temperament to certain weather conditions. Nobody wants a good outfit ruined by an unkempt pair of shoes so keep your suede in top-notch shape by taking note to the following guide.

Use a Suede Brush

Invest in a good suede rubber and brush which you will use to remove any dirt marks or scuffs on your suede shoe. Ensure after each wear that your suede shoe is brushed; this will revive the nap (the raised hair, or threads on the surface of the suede) and remove any excess surface dirt that may have accumulated through wear.

Use Suede Protector

Preserve and protect your shoes against marks and stains with a quality suede protecter, such as the Aquila Eco Water & Stain Protector. Apply the spray liberally in between wears to ensure your suede (and leather) shoes are protected from the elements.

Store Them

Keep your suede shoes out of direct sunlight to prevent discolouration and/or fading of the suede. It's important to store them in a cool, dry and well-aired space, also.

The use of shoetrees is also pivotal in maintaining your shoe's longevity. The shoetrees not only hold the structure and shape of a shoe, but also soak up the moisture that omits from your feet through wear.

If shoetrees aren't accessible, good ol' fashioned white paper will do the trick. Stray away from newspaper as the ink may seep into the shoe's fabric.

Spills and Stains

Attending to wet and dirty suede shoes can prove an arduous task, but don't lose your cool. As soon as you shoes are exposed to excess liquid, try to absorb as much moisture as possible before leaving them to dry naturally. You'll be able to deal with the watermarks once they are fully dried.

If you get dirt or mud on them, leave the shoes to dry before giving them a good brush in the same direction as the nap. Try to avoid harsh chemicals, as they will damage both the colour and suede.

Topic stains are bound to occur on your suede shoes, no matter how well you look after them. For serious stains, however, don’t try to remove them yourself – chances are you’ll make a mistake and they’ll end up worse than when you started. Take them to your local shoe repairer who will be better skilled and equipped to deal with it.

In Conclusion...

We cannot stress enough how important shoe care is. Not only does it raise the level of your outfit, but when you spend a fair amount (or a large amount) of money on a pair of suede shoes – you want them to last. Look after your shoes and they’ll look after you, hopefully for years to come.

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