Shoe Care

When purchasing a new pair of shoes, it's very important to consider purchasing a maintenance kit to accompany your new shoes - tools to care for your new shoes in keeping them looking and feeling good.

We can't stress enough how important it is to maintain your leather shoes regularly. But to do so, you'll need the right tools....

These are the essential tools for maintaining your shoes.

1. Shoe Brush

The type of brush to include in your shoe kit depends on the styles of shoes you have in your collection.

For leather shoes, you’ll need a horsehair brush for polishing, like Aquila Shoe Brush. The bristles are stiff yet soft enough to not scratch your leather shoes while shining them.

To clean your leather shoes with this shoe brush, gently brush on all leather surfaces paying particular attention not to apply excessive force that can cause scratch marks.

Buffing your footwear after polishing is an important step for caring for your leather shoes so keep a couple of these handy. Ensure you clean and dry these after use to prevent the polish from hardening on the cloth.

For all suede shoes, you’ll need a suede-specific brush and rubber, which can be purchased at most shoe repairing stalls.

2. Shoe Cream

It’s recommended that you use a Shoe Cream polish to clean and nourish your shoes. A cream-based polish allows your shoe to breathe, and can correct any minor cosmetic damage to your shoes, Above all, the cream polish is what brightens your shoes making them look shiny, new and noticeable.

Depending on the colour palette of your shoe collection, make sure you match the colour of your polish to the colour of your shoe. If you’re unsure, take your shoes into an Aquila Store to colour-match correctly.

3. Shoe Protector

One of the most important items in your shoe care tool kit, the Aquila Eco Water & Stain Protector spray is recommended for use immediately after purchasing your new shoes, as well as applying liberally every so often in-between wears (or when you know your shoes are bound to get dirty).

The water and stain protector spray is suitable for most shoe types, and will repel dirt and water, keeping your shoes guarded against the elements.

4. Shoe horn

This tool should live in your wardrobe, as it will always come in handy. Not only does it allow you to get into your dress shoes easily, it also prevents the crushing of the shoe’s counter (the leather portion of the shoe that wraps around your heel).

There you have it; your ultimate shoe-care kit. For more tips on shoe care for your leather shoes, check out our guide to shoe care.