The number of shoes a man should have is based on personal preference; the Casual vs. Business vs. Dress ratio is highly dependent on his lifestyle. You may be a shoe connoisseur or a practical bloke who can only be coerced into purchasing a pair of shoes once the predecessor has collapsed into disrepair. Either way, these are the top five shoe essentials that should live in every man’s shoe collection - well shined and ready for any occasion.

1. Black Leather Business Shoes
A good quality pair of black leather shoes should be a no-brainer. Black will add formality and versatility to any two-piece suit so make sure you have at least a pair of Derbys like the Carmichael Black. You can even go with a leather loafer for a stylish touch; try the Stevens Black. It's important to note, however, that this style is less formal than leather lace-ups so make your decision based on your needs.

2. Brown Leather Business Shoes
A pair of dark brown leather shoes can be worn with any outfit except a black tie event so it would be wise to invest in a quality piece to mix up your outfits. Once again, a Derby style like Henson TD Moro will say a lot about a man’s character so try a few styles to find the one that best suits you.

3. Dress Shoes
Dress shoes are different to business shoes. They can be worn with a pair of dress pants or jeans for a night out on the town. With so many options and variety, if you’re not planning on building a big shoe collection, avoid trend-driven styles and stick to muted colours and versatile styles that will never go out of fashion. Try a pair of Vachetta leather Derby shoes, like the Henson TD Moro

4. Boots
You should have a least one pair of boots in your collection. Not only is it a functional piece that can be worn a number of different ways but it’s an Autumn/Winter essential. Boots add versatility, be it a slip-on like the Wolfson Black Chelsea Boot.

5. Casual Shoes
When we say casual shoes, we don’t mean your average sneaker but a pair of well-designed and comfortable shoes for a lazy afternoon at the pub. The list of available styles could go on forever. For a bit of fun, try the Renton Bordo for a quality casual brogue shoe. If you’re more the conservative type, a navy dessert boot like the Sanches Navy will be a great option.

If you can find all of the above in your shoe collection then hats off to you. If not, get shopping to ensure you put your best foot forward. If you find shopping daunting, why not invite a fashionable mate along to help you out?

Remember, take your time, try on a number of different styles and think about the existing outfits and belts you have in your wardrobe to find the best pieces for you.