As we gear up for the spring/summer season, it's a fantastic time to revisit the classic conundrum that many face: styling stripes.

Stripes are fun, bold and stylish. If worn correctly, they can not only flatter a body type, but they can provide its wear with an effortless, summer look. If styled incorrectly, well, it can be a bit of a mess.

We'll look at the different ways you can wear stripes this coming season, and ways to bring out the best of all your striped garments, in a number of different settings.


Wearing stripes casually is your best option to pulling off this look with ease, whilst still making a stylish, bold statement. Take the Wythe Stripe Knit for example; this is a great outer layer (or mid layer) for those in-between seasons. This knit can be teamed with chinos or jeans, and finished with a leather Sneaker or Chelsea Boot.

A casual striped t-shirt is also a great way to rock this look. Pair a t-shirt, like the Hendrix, over tailored pants (or shorts) with a casual shoe. An overshirt is also a very viable option to wearing stripes. Wear a striped shirt over a t-shirt, tailored pants and sneakers for a stylish and edgy look. The Striped shirt will be your hero piece, whilst the other items balance out its boldness.


Wearing stripes for formal occasions is not only elegant, but It can make a world of difference amongst a horde of traditional, boring-looking suits and formal wear.

A bold striped shirt such as the Kenmore Navy Stripe Shirt is the perfect alternative to your traditional business shirt when suiting up for an event.

Pair with a solid navy tie, a navy suit and finish with a pair of brown Derby Lace shoe.

For Work

Adding a bit of stripes to your work repertoire can do wonders for the 9-5 getup. To show you colleagues you're not all business but have a sense of style, pair a subtlety striped pant with a fine Knit and a casual Shirt. Finish with a pair of white sneakers, like the Aguirre White.

For the Weekend

Stripes on the weekend is a solid look for the season but perilously easy to get wrong. As the weather gets warmer, be more adventurous with how you accentuate your stripes. For example, a pair of striped shorts paired with a Knit Polo and driving shoes, like the Caleb Brown won't lead you astray. On the contrary, you'll be bouncing from beach to bar in a look that is universally accepted (or wherever your weekend takes you come those warmer days).

The Clash

When styling your stripes, err on the side of caution when 'clashing' or matching striped garments. A good way to avoid a classic faux pas is to choose stripes of alternating widths and direction. I.e, horizontal and vertical stripes can work together, as well as teaming bolder, thicker stripes under a subtle, thin stripe garment.

Try a thick bold stripe shirt, paired with thin, subtle striped pants and blazer combination. Finish with a pair of sneakers or loafers.