Chelsea boots

The Chelsea boot is a tight-fitting, ankle-high boot that has been seen on the feet of everyone from England’s longest serving monarch, to one of the most famous music acts of all time – The Beatles, to the Imperial Storm troopers in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Its name was created in the 1950s, when a group of young artists, film directors, and socialites known as the ‘Chelsea Set’ adopted it as part of their uniform. They were renamed ‘Chelsea boots’ and became famous for gracing the feet of The Beatles. Their popularity skyrocketed!

The Chelsea boot is identified by its ankle-high, round toed, low-heeled silhouette, constructed from two parts – the vamp and the quarters – that are each made from a single piece of leather. The vamp and quarters are joined together by a strip of vulcanized rubber or elastic at the ankle that distinguishes them from other similar boots.

Dip-dyed Chelsea boots worn by The Beatles

Dip-dyed shoes

So, how do we improve on such a classic? Well it's simple, a little tweaking here and there keeps the Chelsea Boot fresh and can influence an entirely new generation. One such technique is a dip-dying process to create differences in colour and texture. There can be changes in colour like half dipping a boot into another colour to give it a distinctive tone or dip a matte finished Chelsea Boot into a patent solution for a high contrast finish. The options are endless and we suggest you SHOP the Aquila Rudi Chelsea Boot for a revived version of a classic.