This coming season, our design team has been hard at work to bring you an innovative technical fabric we like to call Tech Stretch .

Inspired by the modern man's working wardrobe, our Tech Stretch collection was created for that very man to wear not only during the work week, but every day he sees fit.

At Aquila, we are always looking to find new ways of supplementing that everyday life - for a range of occasions and not defined by a specific factor.

The Details

When creating our range of Tech Stretch garments, we looked to a boutique fabric mill in Italy. There we found the technical double-cloth stretch fabric that we call Tech Stretch; a fabric that is unlike any other being used in the Australian menswear landscape right now.

It’s a fabric with robust character and phenomenal stretch factor; it moves with you exactly where you need it, when you need it, without ever compromising on style.

The Benefits

With an amazing stretch factor, this fabric also features near perfect recovery and resists sharp creases - appropriate for the guy on the go.

Besides catering for 'wear wherever (and whenever)' versatility, the Tech Stretch collection is stylish, versatile and caters for a range of occasions.

The Collection


The Lenox Blazer is our Tech Stretch blazer, which is cut for a tailored fit and is made up of a blend of cotton, polyamide and elastane.

Taking inspiration from traditional tailoring techniques, we've softened and stripped back the built-up layers of a traditional chest-piece and shoulder pad of a suit blazer to allow the technical fabric to move with the wearer.

We've used a mechanical stretch polyester lining which increases the flexibility and movement. For modern aesthetics, we have added rubber coated hardware detailing to the blazer.

The Jacket

This season, the Firman Jacket is our wardrobe chameleon. Inspired by the original trucker jacket,

A fashionable alternative for more creative and dressed-down offices - and a go-to option for friday nights and weekends - the Firman Tech Stretch jacket is designed with a vintage workwear influence and executed with a minimalist contemporary edge.

The Chino (Pant + Short)

Much like the blazer and jacket items, our Tech Stretch chino pants and shorts have been engineered with an innovative stretch rocap waistband.

This has been created by evolving the traditional rocap waistband construction and adopting technological advancements in machinery. What results is a waistband that can move with the wearer by up to an extra three centimetres without any signs of it occurring.