Footwear Trend Selection #1 – The Slipper/Loafer

If you are talking about an icon of icons, Hugh Hefner certainly comes to mind. Everyone knows this playboy’s distinctive style, velvet gown, smoking pipe, pyjamas and his signature ‘Slip-on Loafers.’ But did you know Hef’s stylish loafers date back as far as the 1930’s to Norwegian farmers? They chose to wear the Loafer after a long hard day working in the fields because of its comfort and the ease of slipping into them. The Norwegians started exporting them to the rest of Europe around the mid 1930’s, from where they were picked up by travelling Americans. If you would like a pair now, SHOP the full selection of Loafer shoes at Aquila.

It wasn’t until Esquire magazine featured loafers in the early 1940s that these leisure slip-ons became known to the masses in America. Hugh Hefner definitely put his stamp on this style, ordering custom made pairs that reflected his flamboyant personality.

Today, the Loafer is a trend sweeping the globe. It is revered by many all over the world and produced by designers such as Gucci, Fendi and Prada. And made famous by fashion designers, stylists, lawyers, businessmen, fashion bloggers and celebrities such as Kanye West.

Shoe Trend Selection #2 – The Monk Strap

The Monk Strap shoe is a style of shoe with no lacing, closed by a buckle and strap. If you’re thinking when to wear them, the answer is ‘anytime.’ They’re the dressiest of all men’s shoes and are sure to turn heads. Single strap or double strap, it’s the perfect shoe to complete a sartorial look.

The origin of the Monk Strap dates back to the 11th century during which Roman monks were responsible for starting this trend. Yes we can call it a trend as monks were considered the style influencers of their time. Who would have thought this? The monks like wearing the full buckle style of the shoe as it was hard wearing and conditioned to last a long time. It wasn’t until the late 13th century that a double buckle was considered to give these shoes more sturdiness and add a bit of styling flair.

This iconic shoe has become the IT shoe of the S/S13 season. Buckle up and SHOP the full selection of Monk Strap shoes at Aquila.

Shoe Trend Selection #3 – The Derby

Now if we’re talking about one of the most classic styles of shoes ever made, the Oxford makes the cut nine out of ten times. The Derby styled shoe is a true icon of time, in particular its use in the MAD MEN series. Set in the world of Advertising in Madison Avenue, New York back in the 1960s. The series follows the lineage of fictional advertising agency Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

The most influential character on the show is the creative director, ‘Don Draper’ played by Jon Hamm. Don’s character is based on the male dominated, egotistical ad man persona from the 1960s. He exudes confidence both in the boardroom and with the ladies. "You're born alone and you die alone and this world just drops a bunch of rules on top of you to make you forget those facts. But I never forget. I'm living like there's no tomorrow, because there isn't one." Don Draper. Don’s style captures the 1960s to a tee, rocking a fitted suit, skinny ties and of course, Derby shoes. The Derby’s distinctive style is characterised by shoelace eyelet tabs that are sewn on top of a single-piece vamp. Also known as "open lacing", the Derby style contrasts with that of the Oxfords. Be like and Ad Man from the 1960’s and SHOP the full selection of Derby styles shoes at Aquila.