Mens Shoe Care Advice

It’s easy to let the rainy and cold weather come between you and your inner fashionista. We understand - it’s wet and dreary, and the last thing you may care about is looking good. But just because it’s cold, it doesn’t mean that you can’t put your best foot forward over winter.

Don’t be sitting in your soggy socks at your desk. Here’s a shoe guide to what to wear and what not to wear.

When it comes to business or dress footwear, leather soled shoes do not fair well in the rain, plus you risk damaging the sole when the leather gets wet – please keep your leather soled shoes at home on those rainy days. Shoes with a rubber sole will get you through the wet winter days far better than shoes with leather soles.

While rubber soled shoes may not be aesthetically pleasing to everyone, they will make a good investment if only just for the winter/spring months. It is possible to find a nice-looking business shoe – try this dress boot with a rubber sole, Gilmore Black , or Chilton Black for an Oxford lace-up.

Gilmore Chilton

If you really do prefer leather soled shoes and are fearless, even in the face of rain, then it’s essential that you care for your shoes properly afterwards:

  • Allow them to dry properly and thoroughly at room temperature. Don’t attack it with a hairdryer or heater, because that is exactly what you’ll be doing to your poor shoes – attacking them. This can compromise the leather and stitching, causing the welts to split.
  • Stuff the shoes with newspaper or put shoetrees in them, and allow them to sit for a few days or until dry.

Read our comprehensive guide to leather shoe care or suede shoe care to get the best out of your shoes.

We admit – you can’t always be prepared for rain, and sometimes you can get caught out in your leather soled shoes, but if you give them the appropriate care post-downpour, the higher the chances of them lasting longer.

You will have more luck avoiding leather soled casual shoes. Try the Aquila Kidd Black, pictured below; a classic ankle boot that's cut from soft leather for comfort and features an accented contrast blue cupped rubber sole.

Kidd Black

Avoid wearing desert boots, suede footwear and loafers in the rain at all costs! Trust us, it’s not worth the pain.

Now that you have the appropriate footwear, all you need to do is whip on the timeless trench coat or the utilitarian parka and arm yourself with a full-sized umbrella – you’ll be singing in the rain for the rest of Winter.

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