These men work in a variety of creative fields, but share one thing in common – enviable personal style. From more flamboyant fashion followers to those who know that simplicity in dress is often the best option, we sought out some of the best-dressed gents of the year to share their go-to shoe.


COLIN GOLD, The Trendspotter Co-founder.

Shoe: Durant

“The Durant navy tasseled loafer is incredibly stylish, clean and playful, and can be worn to both semi-formal and casual events. I would style it with a well-fitted cotton suit or with a pair of slim chinos.“



DALTON GRAHAM, Founder The Tailored Man

Shoe: Sol

“The Sol sneaker is my go-to shoe this season. The versatility of the sneaker has taken a huge step and is now seen paired with fine tailoring as well as more casual looks. I’m looking forward to wearing mine with suiting in winter for a more casual day look.“



JAMES KERLEY, Radio presenter and author of The Man Plan

Shoe: Cripps

“Finding boots can be a little like finding a woman (give this potentially chauvinistic metaphor a chance before you judge): If they're decent, one will be enough. You can keep Cripps casual with jeans, t-shirt or a patterned shirt, or dress them up with navy chinos or a suit. They will never give off a sense of trying too hard, but don’t look sloppy either.”




Shoe: Samuels

“Comfortable, sophisticated and effortless, every man should own a pair of loafers. I especially like the artisan nature of the handwoven leather exterior of the Samuels. The tassels add a touch of elegance and will be a sure conversation starter. Neatly roll up the cuffs and, if weather permits, go sockless. Complete the look with a crisp white long-sleeve shirt and your favourite casual blazer.”



NICK RUSSIAN, Nightclub Owner

Shoe: Terrence

“I love loafers as you can dress them up or down. I'd be happy to wear Terence with jeans and a suit jacket or with a nice pant that's been tailored in and up at the bottom. The flexibility of loafers allows me to wear them to many places. To the office during the day, a media launch at night, to work in the nightclub, or to a nice restaurant for dinner.”