aquila mankles fashion trend

As the weather heats up, men will ceremoniously begin shedding their socks to reveal flashes of bare ankle. From Tom Ford and Jude Law to Pharrell Williams and Ryan Gosling, men on the sartorial pulse are extolling the virtues of ‘ankling’.

The look used to be known as wearing your trousers at ‘half-mast’ – somewhat omitting a level of carelessness when in fact this is very methodically planned.

To nail this look, your tailor will take great care to measure pants, ensuring the hem is skilfully kissing the front of the shoe, and hanging down gracefully. Today, however, guys are purposely readjusting their hems to maximise ankle exposure. The look has taken the men’s fashion world by storm. Even Nick Wooster, exemplar of modern masculine style (and fashion blog fodder), has jumped aboard the bandwagon.

The turn-up of one’s pants expresses many things. The man who shows his mankles beneath a pair of stylish Chinos has a thoughtful approach to getting dressed every day. His expertly tailored cuff is yet another thoughtful detail to sit alongside his Pocket Square, cufflinks, watch, and fancy pen.

There are only a handful of opportunities to diversify and make a statement in the sober world of men’s tailoring, and this is one. This summer – which promises to be face-meltingly hot – we’re wearing loafers, boat shoes and every sort of slip-on sole the way nature intended them – sockless. Let your ankles feel the breeze with unsheathed feet and hiked-up hemlines.