Mens Wedding Shoes

Men’s bridal shoes are often low on the wedding “to-do” list but don’t discount the importance of Men’s wedding shoes. A great outfit isn’t just the fabric on your back; it’s the whole package; clothing, shoes, accessories & hair. So, what’s important when looking for Men’s wedding shoes?

  1. Colour and style coordination is paramount. Yes, your shoes and clothes need to match. Grey shoes and a grey suit are a no deal. Traditionally, Men’s wedding shoes are black so if you’re in doubt, play it classic. The most popular style of wedding shoe is a classic round toe up, just like our Garlen.

  2. Leather is often the best option and it’s best to steer clear of suedes or prints. Plain leather is the most common material used for Men’s wedding shoes but that doesn’t mean it’s the only option and under the leather umbrella, there’s many different types; calf leather, cow hide leather, treated leather and more! The Greyson is a fantastic lace-up option, with a classic round toe and they’re made from sheep nappa.

  3. The Groom and his groomsmen can wear different shoes. We’re not kidding! You rarely see the groom wearing the same suit as the best man, so this rule applies to Men’s wedding shoes too. We have some great combinations for you to try so drop by and we’ll help you pick coordinating pairs.

  4. Finally, comfort is the most important factor. You don’t want to be sporting disagreeable footwear on your wedding day. As all feet are different, we recommend you take the time to be fitted professionally when making any footwear decisions, especially for Men’s Wedding shoes. By ensuring the right fit and regular shoe care, your footwear will maintain its comfort and durability, which is the essence of Aquila shoe designs.

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