Do you shy away from spots and stripes and wilt at the thought of floral fabrics? Mixing patterns and prints isn’t as scary as you think. Women have been doing it for years and, slowly but surely, fashion-forward men are growing confident enough to try it for themselves. Here’s how to do it (without overdoing it).


Choose the same pattern

Keep to the same pattern, but in different sizes and widths. Large checks with a small check, for example, or stripes on stripes. This is a fun twist on an ordinarily traditional look. Keep your trousers and shoes minimal.


Choose prints in the same colour family

For a seamless and cohesive look, use various patterns in different hues of the same colour.


Keep to the classics

Want to take on the trend in an easy, palatable way? If you’re a man of tradition, stick to classic patterns and prints such as herringbone. Or, a fine, subtle way to sport pattern is to add a polka dot pocket square. Classic prints enhance one another, without looking too busy, giving monotones a modern update.


Details make a difference

Accessories like a statement tie or pocket square are the easiest way to inject pattern and print into your ensemble. Just make sure you don plainer trousers with a differing texture.


Bohemian man

Consider yourself a free thinker when it comes to patterns and prints? Then dare to wear two bold patterns at the same time – no more than two - and always ensure one element of the outfit dominates e.g. the jacket, trouser, or the shirt. For a more thrown-together, bohemian look, mix dainty florals – on a button-up shirt, for example – with stripes.


Break up the traditional suit

A pinstripe suit can look smart and business-like but bold and daring at the same time. If you want to split up a traditional suit to create a personal look, wear the blazer jacket with a pair of contrasting trousers. It may feel as though you left the house with the wrong jacket on, but this is part of the look. The Italians call it “sprezzatura.”


aquila - mix and matchLEFT MODEL WEARS: Barrett Blazer, Barrett Pants, Harwell Shirt, Bertrand Shoes
RIGHT MODEL WEARS: Hudson Plum Blazer, Flacco Burgundy Sweater, Harden Boots