Monk shoes

When was the last time you saw a well-dressed man wearing terrible shoes?

Trick question. The answer is ‘never!’ We wouldn’t dare describe a man wearing terrible shoes as “well-dressed.” Neglecting the footwear part of your wardrobe is like going to the gym and only working out your upper body. Your barrel chest isn’t going to impress anyone if your legs do not look like toothpicks, nor will you be known as a stylish man if you let bad shoes ruin a great outfit.

Thankfully, finding good footwear doesn't have to be stressful. Stick with the classics – the Oxford, the Derby, the Loafers, but what we recommend is the comeback Brogue Monks… style that and you can’t go wrong with, ever! Meet the Aquila Roy – one part brogue, one part monk strap, all parts sophisticated and suave.

Monk Shoes

Traditionally, monks ranked somewhere in the middle of the formality spectrum, considered too informal for suits but too dressy for most casual looks. Nowadays the brogue monk has become the choice of most modern men. The addition of decorative brogue details makes the brogue monk shoes a killer choice when styled with any suiting, denim, chinos and shorts. Monk up and rock out!

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