Man Shoes

If building a footwear wardrobe sounds like a Herculean task, fear not – collecting the essentials is easier than it looks. A few carefully-chosen basics can go a long way. First, let’s start with some ground rules. Always opt for quality over cost. You don’t need to drain your bank account in order to buy the latest designer shoes, but you should make an effort to stock your wardrobe with basics that are built to last. Go for classic designs, materials, and colours. They’ll be the most versatile, and they’ll be the shoes that look just as good years from now as they do today. Three of our favourite beginner’s styles are: the classic Monk Strap, the Chelsea boot, and the suede lace up Derby.

Versatility is what every man needs from his shoe collection, and adding a classic Monk Strap to the mix means you’ll never be short of footwear for any formal occasion. Aquila Charlton Tan is a great example, double monk strap with tan leather finish. Its a great option to add a touch of difference to your suited ensemble.

Anything beloved by The Beatles can’t possibly be bad. The Chelsea boot got its start way back with Queen Victoria, but it didn’t capture the public imagination until it was adopted by the notorious ‘Chelsea Set’ of 1950s London and the world’s most famous boy band. Slip into the Roddick Black for a modern take on the classic Chelsea.

The derby is a mainstay of the business world, but has lately been well and truly welcomed into the smarter end of casual attire. A classic derby such as Aquila’s Otis in brown or grey can present a timeless look and position you apart from the crowd when it comes to a weekend look by combining with rolled up chinos.

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