Derby Day at Flemington can be both the easiest and most difficult day to dress for. While the strict black and white dress code narrows the field of options you have, some find it tricky to put their personal stamp on their look. For a definitive guide on what to wear and what to steer clear of, we have 4 ways to ensure you stand out for all the right reasons in black and white.

Black, White and all shades of Grey
While Derby Day is the most restrictive dress code on the calendar, it is easy to make your mark in monochrome on the day. Tradition does only specify black and white to be worn, but grey has recently become both accepted and admired. But aside from suit colour, the possibilities are endless when it comes to putting together a winning look. Explore bold check suits and shirting, houndstooth and spotted ties, and a pair of shoes that are made to impress.

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Mix things up a little
While a full suit is always a winner come racing season, the separates trend is taking punters by storm – and for good reason. Whether you are breaking up a traditional wool suit, or pairing a bold cotton blazer with a tailored pant, the finished look is confident and bold. Need some inspiration? Pair a grey wool blazer with a pair of black suit pants for an effortless Derby look, then amp up the accessories with stand-out loafers and a knitted tie.

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Don’t be that guy
There is always one guy in the crowd that decides to buck tradition and wear an outrageously loud, coloured suit. You know the one, drink in hand, stumbling around in a bright red or pink or fluro ensemble. While it will be easier for your friends to find you in the crowd, there is no style cred to gain from being this guy. The black and white dress code has been going strong since the 60’s, and let’s face it – it’s a pretty easy one to nail.

When in doubt
A classic black suit is, and always will be a great choice of Derby Day attire. A wardrobe staple for a good reason, it’s hard to get this look wrong. There are a few key tricks though to bring your trusty black suit up to scratch for Derby Day:

  • Try it on a week before the big day. While it’s great to have your favourite black suit hanging in your wardrobe for months, it isn’t great when you finally bring out said suit to find it no longer fits. Whether you’ve been hitting the gym or you’ve indulged since you last wore it, you may need to visit a tailor pre race-day to ensure it still fits like a glove.
  • Know the difference between your suit and a tuxedo. Avoid anything with a satin lapel for the races – this is more a PM look rather than something to wear to the track.
  • Pair your classic look back with accessories with a bit of a punch. Whether it is just a new knitted tie, or a pair of statement-making shoes, have a bit of fun with your look!

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