The changing of the seasons means it’s time to change up your wardrobe. Spring Racing 2013 is just around the corner, and more than ever men are stepping up the fashion stakes and challenging women for the tracksides best dressed. These are the spring racing fashion trends we’re looking forward to this year. SHOP the full trend selection now at Aquila.

Racing Fashion Trend #1 – Colourful Blazer

A man’s wardrobe never lacks for dark blazers, but when Spring rolls around it’s time to let the colours shine. For a more subdued sophisticated look, anchor a brighter blazer with modern classics like khaki chinos and a neutral shirt. For something more dandified, accessorise the same look with a vibrant tie and pocket square. SHOP Aquila’s blazer range.

Racing Fashion Trend #2 – Tailored Suiting

Nothing says giddy up more than the swagger of a tailored suit. The crisp cut hugging the shape of your body puts firmness in any mans stature. Materials such as all season wool will drape well and feel light on the warmest of days. SHOP Aquila’s suiting range.

Racing Fashion Trend #3 – The Classic Shirt

Spring weather can be unpredictable but your shirt doesn’t need to be. A classic modern shirt, plain or with pinstripes can handle the warmest or rainiest of days. Stiff collars with a little detail and a tailored cut are the best way to make your selection. SHOP Aquila’s classic shirt range.

Racing Fashion Trend #4 – Colourful Socks

Put your best foot forward by ditching your safe black socks for brighter colours and dashing prints. Gone are the days when socks were bought in budget six-packs. Socks these days are carefully curated accessories that express style, confidence and personality. SHOP Aquila’s accessory range.

Racing Fashion Trend #5 – Shoes

Shoes maketh the man. Whether you’re sliding on the racing green or styling in the VIP section the first thing people will check out is your shoes. The shoe of the S/S 13 season is the classic monk strap. They’re the dressiest of all men’s shoes and are sure to turn heads. Single strap or double strap, it’s the perfect shoe to complete a sartorial look at the races. SHOP Aquila’s classic monk range.