Be it a brogue, Oxford, Derby or suede shoe, the colour Tan has become a popular choice for making a fashionable statement around town.

Effortlessly paired with a range of outfitting options, tan shoes are the norm when deciding on your leather shoe for the season. However, if you're a little unsure how to go about wearing tan shoes the right way, here is a refresher on how best to complete a look with your tanned shoes.

1.The Modern Business Look

If you are looking to impress at your next business meeting, wearing a tanned-colour dress shoe - like the Romwell Tan - would make a definite statement; as nothing says more about a tanned shoe look than pairing it with a sharp suit. It's advisable to style with darker colours on top, so either a navy, charcoal or grey suit would suffice.

If suiting isn't your thing, we recommend considering lighter pants such as whites, khaki and blue colours for a fresh take. It’s a defined style perfect for the modern businessman.

2. The Smart-Casual Look

If you haven't noticed, tan shoes pair amazingly with smart-casual outfits, and make a great go-to for your Sunday best. As aforementioned, to bring out the colour of the tan shoes, wear a neutral, light colour pants. A shirt and blazer would work a treat for the top, as will a nice knit. The options are endless.

Our suggestion for a smart-casual tan shoe would be a brogue, such as the Modena Tan - a smart, detailed shoe that would look great dressed up during the workweek, or dressed down for the weekend.

3. The Sock Look

What socks do you wear with tan shoes? Options are endless, but we recommend playing with colour and pattern (just please no polka dots).

Use subtle patterned shapes and slim stripe colours to hero your tanned shoes.

4. No Sock Look

Made famous by trend setters such as Nick Wooster and David Beckham, tan shoes (especially Loafers) would look a treat with no socks.

The trick to nailing this look is all in the pant roll. We suggest rolling up your pants no more than 3 times. If wearing ankle socks, ensure that the sock can not be seen.

Loafers work best with a no-sock look, however, we have seen other dress shoes worn effectively in pulling off this look. The key is to be confident (and comfortable).