It seems like this season has been the dawn of tanned shoes. Whether it’s a brogue, oxford, derby or suede and leather looks, our modern man has been spoiled for choice. Definitely not a daunting task for our Aquila man but we thought a little refresher on how best to complete a look with your tanned shoes might be helpful. You can start off by selecting a great pair of tanned shoes from Aquila like our Gideon Tan. The Gideon Tan is an oxford lace up with brogue detailing and a full leather sole. SHOP the latest collection of tanned shoes from Aquila.

Tanned Shoe Styling Tip #1 – The Modern Business Look

It’s advisable to make the tanned shoe the hero of your outfit. Although best styled with darker colours, we recommend considering lighter pants such as whites, khaki and blue colours for a fresh take. On the streets from Florence to New York, you’ll notice understated gentlemen wearing this combination. It’s a defined style perfect for the modern businessman.


Tanned Shoe Styling Tip #2 – The Formal Business Look

Nothing says more about a tanned shoe look than pairing it with a sharp suit. Whether it’s a dark or light suit, you can’t go wrong. It says I’m here to do business but the way I do business is up to date and connected to global styles. The tanned shoe can be found on businessmen across the globe from Japan to Denmark and is best styled with matching coloured tie and suit with a fresh shirt.

Tanned Shoe Styling Tip #3 – The Sock Look

What socks do I wear with my tanned shoes? There are lots of pattern style socks out there and we have noticed a particular trend across Europe being polka dots and bright colours with tanned shoes. To be honest you can go either way but on this occasion we recommend making the shoe the hero of your look and dial down the multi coloured, bold socks. Use subtle patterned shapes and slim stripe colours to hero your tanned shoes.

Tanned Shoe Styling Tip #4 – The No Sock Look

We’ve noticed a global trend of no socks with leather shoes. People such as Nick Wooster and David Beckham have made this look a household mandatory. We suggest a way to put your own stamp on it is to roll up your pants more than just a few times to really own the no socks look. Be sure to allow your feet to breath properly and avoid wearing this look on super hot days.

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