Part 2 – Coastal Calling


After making our way through Milan and Florence, we’d definitely got accustomed to an Aperol Spritz each afternoon and little gelato post dinner.


After a lot of unpacking and repacking out of hotel rooms we decided it was time to head to the Amalfi Coast for some R&R.


To give you an idea of what the Amalfi Coast is like…think Positano, Sorrento, Amalfi and Salerno.  We were lucky enough to be staying in between Salerno and Amalfi at the beautiful Belmond Hotel Caruso in the world heritage listed town, Ravello.


Day 1


Similar to most of our travel days, we arrived late in the afternoon in Ravello. We spent our first day making the most of the late afternoon sun by the incredible infinity pool with unparalleled views of the whole Amalfi Coast.


The Tailored Man x Aquila Week 3


Day 2


We were up at dawn to explore our local village, Ravello. Ravello is a world heritage listed town, which was formed in the 5th century. This was our most authentic experience to date. There was something magical about the town. As soon as you step foot inside the town walls you are instantly overcome with emotion with how special this place really is.


The Tailored Man x Aquila Week 3


Taken back by beautiful Ravello, we settled for the afternoon and headed out for dinner at a little local Trattoria. Authentic Italian homemade cooking by Nonna Francesca was the perfect ending to a great day.


Day 3


We wanted to make the most of our morning before we boarded our train to Rome, and spent our final hours here down in the town of Amalfi.


Like most villages along the coast they’re renowned for their fresh seafood.  Walking along the docks of the picturesque harbor was truly amazing and a moment that I will never forget.


The Tailored Man x Aquila Week 3


The Tailored Man x Aquila Week 3


That evening, after a day filled with food, amazing culture and people, we boarded a train to our last stop on our European expedition…Rome.


Day 4


After recharging by the Italian Coastal Side we were excited to wake up in Rome and be able to explore one of the most historic cities in the world. It’s hard to put Rome into words… it’s incredible to think how much this city has encountered compared to our young city of Melbourne.



The Tailored Man x Aquila Week 3


Situated in the perfect location to every attraction, we set out to knock over a couple of the ancient sites. First, we stopped by the Trevi Fountain to make a wish, then skipped along to the Pantheon.


After a little stop for a Panini and an Espresso, it was straight off to the centre of Rome…Piazza Venezia. One of the more magical buildings I have ever seen, the Piazza Venezia definitely took me to another place.  I couldn’t stop thinking about how long it would have taken to build this incredible building and the amount of historic figures that would’ve walked up the steps.


The Tailored Man x Aquila Week 3


Dodging the bustling crowds of tourists became tiring, so we decided to call the quits for the day and head out for a little bite to eat.



Day 5


We didn’t want to waste any of our time in Rome and so we set off early for the Spanish Steps. One of my favourite areas of Rome, the Spanish Steps is at the end of one of the most famous shopping strips.


The Tailored Man x Aquila Week 3


We had a quick pit stop to grab a Castani (Chestnut) and then headed off to the Colosseum. Still only 8am in the morning, trying to avoid what potentially could be the biggest crowd of tourists we had come across yet, we arrived to a hoard of people who definitely had the same idea as us. Don’t worry though; we still managed to get the perfect shot.


The Tailored Man x Aquila Week 3


After, experiencing the most historical landmarks in the world including one of the seven man-made wonders of the world, the Colosseum, it was sadly time to pack our bags for the final time and head back to Melbourne. Flying out late that night we grabbed a quick little dinner and boarded the Emirates airline A380.


Stay tuned for our overall wrap up of our amazing month away, with all our top spots and tips to take on Europe the Tailored Way.