Shoe Care

We’ve given you the ultimate guide to men’s shoe care with the assumption that you already had access to the bare basics of a shoe care kit whether you begged, borrowed or stole from your girlfriend/wife, flatmate, friend or neighbour. Now it’s time to get serious and actually commit. Scary, we know. But if you’re going to take your relationship seriously (with your shoes, that is), be smart and either purchase or start building your awesome, ultimate shoe care kit for your business and dress shoes.

These are the essentials for your shoe care kit.

1. Brushes

The kind of brushes you would want to include in your kit depends on the styles of shoes you have in your collection.

For leather shoes, you’ll need a horsehair brush for polishing. The bristles are stiff yet soft enough to not scratch your leather shoes while shining them. Make sure you have a smaller brush for application as well.

If you own suede dress shoes, you’ll need a suede-specific brush.

If you’re unsure of which brush you’ll need for your shoes, check with your shoe repairer or shoe retailer.

2. Polishing or buffing cloths

Buffing your footwear after polishing is an important step for caring for your leather shoes so keep a couple of these handy. Ensure you clean and dry these after use to prevent the polish from hardening on the cloth.

You can either purchase these buffing cloths or recycle one of your old cotton t-shirts for the job.

3. Polish

It’s recommended that you use a cream-based polish. Although it doesn’t give a squeaky-clean shine that a wax polish would, a cream-based polish allows your shoe to breathe, making your shoe last longer than if it were sealed with wax polish.

Depending on the colour palette of your shoe collection, you may get away with a standard brown and black polish in your kit.

Please make sure you match the colour of your polish to the colour of your shoe. If you’re unsure, take your shoes into the retailer to colour-match correctly.

4. Shoe (water & stain) protector

This is an important item because you’ll want to spray any new shoes you purchase before you wear them and over your well-loved shoes for ongoing maintenance.

5. Shoehorn

This should be a common household tool. Not only does it allow you to get into your dress shoes easily, it also prevents the crushing of the shoe’s counter (the leather portion of the shoe that wraps around your heel).

6. Knick-knacks for the perfectionists

If you’re quite particular about your shoes, keep some toothpicks or cotton earbuds in your kit for when you want to get into the crevasses of the shoe, like getting to the polish that may build up in the eyelets of your shoes.

There you have it. The ultimate shoe-care kit. For more tips on shoe care for your leather shoes, check out our guide to shoe care.

All our Aquila retail stores stock Liquid Water & Stain Protectors, Renovation Polishes and brushes. We also stock Natural Polish for hard-to-match leather colours.

The Aquila shoe care pack is a great starting point, with a few essentials to get you on the right track to looking after your shoe collection – pick one up today.