Notorious in the 60s as the lead in the Great Escape, Bullitt and The Thomas Crown Affair, Steve McQueen is renowned for his effortless king of cool style.

McQueen became famous for his clean cut meets biker edge. His rev-head habits, racing cars and motorbikes in his spare time away from filmmaking, heavily influenced his fashion sense. But his biker looks weren’t all edge and leather – McQueen helped make knitwear masculine.

His easily transformable style from knits to signature grey textured suits, make McQueen the icon he is known as today. One day the world would be greeted by a rugged desert McQueen, the next, millionaire businessman McQueen.

No matter what look McQueen set out to achieve, he was certainly a style icon. A rebel with an effortless attitude, collar cardigans, and tweed suits.

Aquila stylists show you how to get three McQueen inspired looks;


McQueen and loosely fitting wool knits go hand in hand, a necessity for every weekend wardrobe. Pair any wool knit with Portland Chino Stone. The slim fitting style and cotton stretch make them the perfect lazy weekend attire. And of course, we cannot mention McQueen without desert boots. The round toe suede lace-up Doyel Tan boot are a staple for the lounge look. The perfect blend of comfort and McQueen style.


A casual look is best achieved, as demonstrated by McQueen, with a neutral colour palette and the simple yet effective addition of a textured piece. Combine the Bamford Blazer and Pant with Xander Charcoal mid-weight crew neck . The Italian wool blend and tailored fit suit pant adds texture to your look, while the sweater exudes effortless elegance.


Take the McQueen look up a notch circa 1979 with Steve McQueen in The Getaway. How can we ignore the McQueen grey suit? Start with the Carvery Blazer Grey. Made from crisp Italian wool, the two-button blazer features a notch lapel, chest welt pocket and double rear vent. Wear with 100% cotton Monaco White with subtle navy trim. The contrast of colour here will help achieve that edgy McQueen look.