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When it comes to mens wedding shoes, there’s a few things worth considering when making the ultimate choice in formal footwear. The groom and his bridal party of mates, may want to all wear the same style or the best men may want to complement the super stylish groom. The bride may want everything to match her dress and brides maids, and ultimately have the final say. Which ever way you go, just remember you’re going to be on your feet a lot and most likely have a lot of memories captured that day. So lets be clear, the decision should be a fashion and comfort led decision - a style and finish that ultimately complements and enhances your special day.

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Choosing the right men’s wedding shoe for a formal wedding suit needs some careful consideration. What colour and style of suit are you wearing? What colour is the shirt that will complement the suit? What colour and texture is your tie, if you indeed decide to wear one? This is a great place to start, particularly if you’re going to come in or do some research on the type of footwear you want. Second to this, is the actual style of your suit to match the style of your occasion. When we think of weddings we mainly think of the more formal or traditional wedding, but now most people are opting for the less formal lounge cocktail approach or even the smart casual look for say an outdoor or beach wedding.

Traditional styles dictate clean formal lines and colour. Patent leather black shoes, crisp white shirting and matching silk tie plus fashion accessories like leather belts and cufflinks. Lounge cocktail lends itself to a less formal and a more individual led self expression through colour and suiting style. Brown leather wingtip brogues or calf leather derbies can reflect your own style and put your own stamp on a wedding. Which ever approach you take to mens wedding shoes, ensure you are comfortable, know who is making the final decision and you are clear on what level of formal wedding suiting you want to complement. Be yourself, be true to yourself and enjoy the day.

Again, before you go browsing or shopping, be clear what style you have in mind.

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